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rose benefits

Pink rose

is more than a mere emblem of beauty; in the past, it was cherished for its ability to soothe and calm the mind. Sipping on rose tea provides a delightful sensory experience, offering a moment of tranquility and a gentle way to unwind.*

Traditional Types of Rose Used

as medicinal herbs
rose hip tea in a tea kettle

ROSE hip
Every rose flower, as it dies, leaves behind a rose hip. They typically look like a berry. These hips are ground into powders or used in teas to promote youth, fortify immune systems, and calm the anxious mind.*

ROSE oil
is rich in anti-oxidants and are used in many skincare products for its traditional anti-aging benefits. The oil can also be used in aromatherapy as the scent has been known to produce a calming effect.*

ROSE water
has been used for centuries as a perfume and skin toner. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, many people use it to soothe skin irritations. Steeping rose petals in water allows chefs to use rose water as a decadent flavor in Mediterranean desserts and sauces.*

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Rosé + Lemonade

rosé + lemonade

Rosé Lemonade Kombucha flavor bottle
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Rosé Lemonade is a harmonious blend inspired by Florida’s ever-blooming roses, capturing their delicate scent and stunning colors. This refreshing drink honors these resilient flowers and the age-old wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the zesty kick of freshly peeled lemon enhancing the rose’s fragrant notes, this beverage offers a vibrant and refreshing experience, reflecting a perfect balance of floral elegance and citrusy freshness.

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