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fermented tea

Before modern science introduced laboratory-made probiotics, people relied on natural and organic methods of harnessing the power of good bacteria for a healthy and happy life.

These methods have been passed down through generations and are still practiced today. Fermentation is a natural process that uses microorganisms like bacteria and yeast to break down carbohydrates and bring forth beneficial byproducts, including naturally occurring living cultures containing probiotics, organic acids, live enzymes, and natural vitamins.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that originated in Imperial China in 221B.C. and has since become popular in many cultures worldwide due to its word-of-mouth reputation for multiple health benefits, especially, improvement of digestion and as a general gut health aid. These properties also make kombucha attractive for those seeking a natural and functional food.

Rosé + Lemonade

rosé + lemonade

Inspired by Florida’s ever-blooming roses, capturing their delicate scent and stunning colors. This refreshing drink honors these resilient flowers and the age-old wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With the zesty kick of freshly peeled lemon enhancing the rose’s fragrant notes, this beverage offers a vibrant and refreshing experience, reflecting a perfect balance of floral elegance and citrusy freshness.

roses with bottle of rose lemonade kombucha
berry hibiscus

Berry + Hibiscus

berry + hibiscus

Perhaps our best blend for those entering the world of kombucha, this easy-drinking, approachable combination of both sweet and tartness from berries provides all the benefits of drinking kombucha without the typical vinegary tang that many people find challenging. The floral undernote of hibiscus at the end rounds out the flavor profile making it highly enjoyable blend for broad range of pallets.

Mango + Dandelion

mango + dandelion

One sip of this lightly sweet, ripe mango flavor and you’ll be transported to the sun-drenched beaches of exotic Mexico. With mellow botanical notes from dandelion and an exciting burst from cayenne, this blend will have your taste buds satisfied. Ay, Sí!

mango dandelion

Lavender + Moringa

lavender + moringa

Refreshing and grassy, the light, citrusy flavor of green tea and moringa provides a fortifying base for the blend and mingle harmoniously with the rich and floral lavender finish. The refreshing and citrusy start, followed by the mellow and floral lavender finish, suggests a blend that is both invigorating but calming.

Passion Fruit + Red Clover

passion fruit + red clover

Tropical and blossoming with the light citrusy flavor of passion fruit leaves and green tea mingle beautifully with the mellow flowery and botanical red clover end notes. Tropical flair and floral elegance, bottled for your flavor experience.

passion fruit red clover kombucha
tangerine marigold kombucha

Tangerine + Marigold

tangerine + marigold

A touch of sunshine, a splash of color and a quite bit of surprising citrusperfectly balanced with the creaminess of vanilla. This blend produces a bright and tropical tonic that’s both refreshing and uplifting — perfect to be enjoyed at any time or place.

grapefruit + bee pollen

grapefruit + bee pollen

This delicately effervescent kombucha gives you the subtle, sweet taste of honey form the bee pollen on the front end, with the dynamic and satisfying tartness of grapefruit as a palate-cleansing finish.

grapefruit bee pollen kombucha
orange turmeric kombucha

Orange + Turmeric

orange + turmeric

Awaken your taste buds with harmonious spiciness of aromatic cinnamon and turmeric, while the sweet and thirst-quenching taste of oranges round out eachsip. Warm and slightly peppery blend for those seeking refreshment with unique flavor sensation.

Blueberry + Ginger

blueberry + ginger

This ginger may surprise you. While the warming and spicy taste of ginger is clearly prominent, the blend with green and black teas, and delicate effervescence soften this herb’s usual bite for a flavor that is smooth and delightful to drink.

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Kefir Water ingredients

kefir water
probiotic tonic

The story of kefir water is fascinating and shrouded in mystery, much like the origins of kombucha. We know for sure, that Kefir water was not intentionally created but discovered by chance.

The true origins of this ferment remain unknown, but speculation points to Mexico as its birthplace. Researchers suggest that the kefir water clusters, known as tibicos cultures or grains, naturally form on Opuntia cacti in Mexico as hard granules. These granules can be harvested and used to ferment many different sweetened liquids.

At 221 B.C., we strive to deliver to you the most natural and health-giving beverages therefore we love enhancing taste and nutritional content of kefir water by blending it with medicinal herbs and other functional ingredients.

Lavender Limade Kefir Water

Lavender + Limeade

lavender + limeade

Open the bottle and take a deep breath in, noticing the soothing effects that the aroma of lavender has on your body. Pause in that moment. Then sip generously to enjoy the balanced and floral flavor, with lavender notes on the front and the delightful surprise of refreshing lemon on the finish.

Cherry + Hibiscus

cherry + hibiscus

If our drinks had a personality, Cherry Hibiscus would be the life of the party. It’s full of energy and excitement. It is bold, sweet, and vibrant with a familiar berry flavor and the complex depth from other powerful superfoods. It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to it.

cherry hibiscus

Pineapple + Holy Basil

pineapple + holy basil

If the sun’s rays at the beginning of the day had a taste, this would be it. Let the combination of sweet pineapple, the citrusy scent of Holy Basil and Lemon Balm enter your nose and excite your taste buds. Then enjoy this incredibly invigorating and slightly flowery flavor as it dances across your tongue.