Ginger Kombucha

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Case of 12 16oz bottles

This ginger may surprise you. While the warming and spicy taste of ginger is clearly prominent, the blend with green and black teas, and delicate effervescence soften this herb’s usual bite for a flavor that is smooth and pleasant to drink.

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2 reviews for Ginger Kombucha

  1. maria rivera

    I decides to try kombucha drinks again for my gut. I tried in the past and couldn’t pass my first sip. I found this ginger one at my local supermarket and I must say this will be my go to for kombucha. I absolutely loved it and felt great drinking it with ease. Thank you 221 B.C.!!! You nailed it with this one.

  2. Laurel Levey

    I’ve been drinking Kombucha for many years and a bit of a super friendly fermented-drink-snob. I had some tummy trouble last week and searched the Kombucha section at Whole Foods, searching for a ginger option. Lo and behold! There she was! What a soother for an upset stomach. I haven’t tried your other flavors. But for now, I’m sticking with the ginger. It tastes better and better the more you drink it. Love the smooth kick of ginger and that Kombucha feel. Totally recommend.

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