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Welcome! My name is Aneta, and I would like to share my heart and passion for the healing power of real food.

Growing up in Poland, I spent endless hours with my grandmother, gathering medicinal plants from the field to use later for healing teas and tinctures. Under her knowledgeable hands, I watched humble dandelion, lavender, rosehip, and milk thistle turn into treatments for many ailments like indigestion, anxiety, insomnia, and colds.

I picked sun-ripened elderberries and steeped soothing chamomile. I also learned how to preserve and ferment garden vegetables. Even in winter, when fresh produce was scarce, we ate and drank well. We respected natural order of life and knew how to harness its blessings.

My family effortlessly embraced the art of food-based wellness. We were attuned to the land’s offerings, fluent in the language of flavors, freshness, and fermentation. We cared for ourselves with nourishing food and homemade remedies, and generously shared them with all neighbors.

As the years roll by, countless trends may come and go, but the truth will always prevail. Let’s raise a toast to this timeless reality: food can be our medicine.

I deeply appreciate my cultural heritage, my expertise in plants, flavors, and beneficial bacteria, thanks to the remarkable women in my family. Now, after years of learning, can I share this gift with you? As I learned from my grandmother, fermentation and craft food are not a secret to keep, they are a gift to pass on.

In this fast-paced era of progress and innovation in nutrition, there’s a risk of overlooking our timeless roots. We chase the next new pseudo-food but forget the enduring wisdom of the past.
What if we could have the best of both worlds?

Sometimes, moving forward means going back. The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods and the holistic care our bodies need remain unchanged. My mission at 221 B.C. is to reintroduce the ancient wonders of plants, home remedies, and ferments into our daily lives.

At 221 B.C. we build a bridge between the simplicity of all things natural to groundbreaking innovations of the present.

established in


The 221 B.C. dream started in the fields and gardens of Poland where Aneta learned to harness the benefits of medicinal plants and fermented foods.

Fermentation is a food preservation practice older than recorded history and passed from generations.

We believe it is important to continue sharing this tradition, so future generations can continue to benefit from it.

kombucha 221bc history


2008-2013: Aneta begins crafting kombucha, kefir, and other fermented foods and beverages in her kitchen, initially sharing them with family and friends.

End of 2014: Aneta takes a bold step and files for her first business license, establishing her first microbrewery in Sarasota, Florida, giving birth to the K221BC brand.

timeline 2014


221 BC makes its debut appearance at the Sarasota Farmers Market, marking the beginning of their journey into the local market. They actively participate in various local events and festivals, receiving overwhelming love and support from the Floridian community.


K221BC’s products become available in health food stores, and they achieve a significant milestone by launching in Whole Foods Market Florida. Local media coverage helps ignite a fermented tea revolution in Florida, and the brand experiences rapid growth.


Media became interested in our mission and help us to carry fermented food revolution


K221BC gains recognition as a small brand, with interest expanding along the East Coast of the United States, making it a period of showcasing their unique offerings.



The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council recognizes and certifies K221BC as a Women-Owned Business, highlighting the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


K221BC undergoes a rebranding, focusing on traditional fermentation, medicinal herbs, and real, living food. The brand receives tremendous support and appreciation from its loyal customer base throughout this transformation.

timeline 2022