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One of nature’s best remedies for digestive health and heartburn relief, ginger may also provide a strong boost to the immune system.*


Traditional Uses of Ginger

as medicinal herbs

grated GINGER
is the most traditional way to prepare ginger. Grated ginger can be added to food or steeped in teas to reduce nausea, aid in digestion, or simply add a kick to a dish.*

pressed GINGER
releases refreshing aromas and produces a warm & spicy juice. For years, pressed ginger has been used to create cocktails, mocktails, ginger-ale, and essential oils. Diffusing ginger oil produces a warm and cozy environment.*

crystallized GINGER
offers a more palatable version of the ginger root powerhouse. Over the years, herbalists have created ginger chews for nausea and lozenges to relieve coughs and boost immunity.*

GINGER studies
We believe nature is our best healer. And we lean on traditions and wisdom from our ancestors when making beneficial fermented beverages.

In the meantime, science works to catch up with the natural law. Many studies have been and are being conducted on the health benefits of ginger. You can view a full meta-analysis of ginger studies in the National Library of Medicine.

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Inspired by a reflection of a deep fascination with the rich tapestry of Asian cultures. It’s an aromatic journey that pays homage to time-honored traditions. It is bold and fiery, yet within its heated nature, it embodies perfect balance—a reflection of Eastern philosophy.

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