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Many of you probably already know that I immigrated from Poland about 20 years ago. I grew up in a traditional family that ate simple, traditional foods. 

We dined from the garden, preserved our harvests using natural and time-tested fermentation methods, and respected nature and God’s way of leading us to the next season. 

Siri was not there to tell us the weather forecasts for the next day, so we looked into the sky and watched the birds gliding strikes. 

Honestly I was always surprised by how accurate my ancestors were with their natural ways of estimating weather or other conditions. 

We also did not buy laboratory-made probiotics for gut health. We made it! We drank kefir, kombucha, and beet kvass and we ate sauerkraut. We did not purchase supplements because we grew them in gardens. We did not use drugs unless it was necessary. We drank medicinal flowers and herbal teas to boost our wellness.

Starting my business, Kombucha 221B.C., was the way for me to preserve herbal wisdom and fermenting traditions, and I feel a huge responsibility to pass it on to you.– Aneta

Let me tell you what tradition truly means to me. When it comes to traditions, they are NOT just about the past. They are about the present and the future too! Traditions give us a sense of identity, connecting to our families, our communities, and our culture. Most importantly, they can provide a state of stability in a world that often feels uncertain. Let me give you a hypothetical example: If all companies supplying supplements would close down or put some limitations on us, you can always go back to traditional ways of living where food is medicine. You can reach out to your colleagues and ask them how to make ferments for wellness. This is why I am on a mission to spread traditions! 

Kombucha has been known for over 2000 years (hence our name, the date of the first written documentation on the benefits of kombucha, 221 Before Christ). Our ancestors passed down the tradition to every new generation. Providing education on the process and spreading knowledge about this naturally fermented and beneficial drink for thousands of years. 

World Kombucha Day | 2.21

February 21st (2.21) is the date that has been dedicated to celebrating International Kombucha Day. Today we all celebrate tradition and its importance. Today we all realize that traditional foods have been “tested by time and fire,” and that they need to be protected and carefully passed from generation to generation now and in the future.

We make our kombucha the same way it was made approximately 2244 years ago. We brew our medicinal herbs, flowers, and teas by traditional recipes. We add real cane sugar (which back then was considered a blessing, NOT a curse). Remember, sugar isn’t for you, it is for the culture! Our kombucha culture thrives on real sugar and, as result, converts it into a healthy and tasteful colony of beneficial bacteria (also called probiotics) and yeast along with some B vitamins, organic acids, and enzymes. 

All are believed to be excellent enhancers of gut health. And yes, we use SCOBY, which is very needy, and yes, it is very awkward to deal with, but it is all worth it! I know that some brands decided to skip the SCOBY step due to the pains and labor of dealing with it on a large scale, but that is NOT us. We harvest when kombucha is at its prime, and we DON’T ADD laboratory-made probiotics or supplements during or post-fermentation.

Then we pour our ferments into glass bottles (which are considered the safest containers for storing human food but also the best for keeping the planet clean of toxins), and then we refrigerate it to keep it alive for you. 

So, if you are looking to add more meaning to your life, start by valuing traditions that are important to you and your healthy lifestyle. Quit jumping from one seasonal trend to another. Follow the wisdom of our ancestors. It’s tested. It’s proven. It works. 


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